Lok Maya in a video on statelessness Blog

The art of impact: Creating engaging video content for awareness campaigns

This behind-the-scenes blog serves as an exploration of my perspectives on the transformative power of video content in effectively engaging…
/ Erasmus Talbot, Filmmaker and Music Composer
Meeting in Copenhagen to discuss statelessness in Denmark, organised by ENS, ABCD and DRC News

After a decade without nationality, Bhutanese community in Denmark continues their fight for citizenship rights

A joint meeting organised by ENS, Danish Refugee Council and the Association of Bhutanese Communities in Denmark highlighted the struggles faced by…
Lok Maya Videos

Stateless Bhutanese Refugees in Denmark: Lok Maya's Story

This powerful film by Erasmus Talbot follows Lok Maya, a Bhutanese refugee who remains stateless more than 12 years after being permanently resettled…
/ Video
Stateless Rights Collecative Blog

Advocating for Change in the Netherlands: The Stateless Rights Collective (SRC)

The Stateless Rights Collective (SRC) is a group of stateless individuals in the Netherlands advocating for the rights of people without a…
/ Stateless Rights Collective, a collective standing up for the rights of stateless people in the Netherlands
Sirazul News

Stateless changemaker Sirazul Islam shares his story of statelessness activism in the UK as part of Comic Relief REROOTED project

We are  really proud to share with you the RE-ROOTED exhibition featuring our member Sirazul Islam. Sirazul is a campaigner and a member of the ENS…
Aleksandra Interviews

Interview with Aleksandra Semeriak Gavrilenok, Individual member of ENS and formerly stateless person

Following our recent Annual General Conference (AGC) and pan-regional conference in Madrid, we spoke to Aleksandra Semeriak Gavrilenok about her…
/ Interview
denis Videos

Key moments and reactions from our Addressing Statelessness in Europe conference

On 8-9 June, our ‘Addressing Statelessness in Europe’ conference took place at the University Compultense de Madrid, co-organised with Fundación…
/ Video
Group News

ENS stateless changemakers meet with EU and Council of Europe policymakers in Strasbourg

The voices of people with lived experience of statelessness need to be heard in places where the decisions that affect them are made. That’s why last…
Unione Italiana Apolidi Blog

Unione Italiana Apolidi: the first stateless-led organization in Italy

In the global context, statelessness affects millions of people around the world, with many more at risk of statelessness. In Italy, according to…
/ Armando Augello Cupi, President of Unione Italiana Apolidi
Lynn Videos

Lynn - Life as a stateless refugee - #StatelessJourneys

Lynn Khatib is one of the stateless changemakers working with ENS to improve protection for stateless refugees.
/ video
Ahmed Videos

Ahmed - "I certainly don't know" #StatelessJourneys

Ahmed is one of the stateless changemakers working with ENS to improve protection for stateless refugees. 
/ Video
Workshop with Rohingya youth in Bradford Videos

Call me by my name - what it means to be stateless

This poem was created by a group of Rohingya youth in Bradford, in partnership with the British Rohingya Association & the European Network on…
/ Video