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Festive greetings to all

Thank you for following ENS blog updates in 2020. We’ll be taking a short break and are resuming our blog in January. Meanwhile, we wish you all the…
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No Papers, No Prospects? Mapping Statelessness In the 21st Century

What causes statelessness? How can stateless people be protected? And can statelessness be eradicated?
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New website proofs Blog

Top 5 things you can do using our new website

Even before the full extent of the pandemic was laid bare, it was clear that digital communication will become more important in helping us achieve…
/ Jan Brulc, Head of Communications, Operations & Development, European Network on Statelessness
Atlas of the Stateless Blog

Europe: Not yet a model for the world

The Old Continent – and the European Union in particular – likes to see itself as a model of democracy and human rights. But it is home to a…
/ Chris Nash, Director of the European Network on Statelessness
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Consultancy opportunity & ENS blog goes on holiday

ENS blog will be taking a short summer break and will be back in September. In the meantime, ENS is developing an online database containing national…
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Fresh opportunities to tackle statelessness through a new Council of Europe led initiative

We start 2020 facing uncertainty in many parts of the globe. One source of uncertainty for us here in Europe, is the UK’s imminent departure from the…
/ Chris Nash – Director, European Network on Statelessness
Statelessness in Europe Videos

Statelessness in Europe

In Europe, statelessness occurs both among recent migrants and among people who have lived in the same place for generations. Despite the scale of…