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European countries lead the way in problematic practice of citizenship stripping as a security measure

In the decades following World War II, citizenship stripping disappeared as a practice in the West, in no small part because the practice had come to…
/ Laura van Waas (Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion) & Maarten Vink (GLOBALCIT)

Am I part of the problem?

/ Laura van Waas, Co-Director of the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion

Change is in the air: Statelessness and citizenship in Canada

As if the stars were aligning, the very same day as the first summit on Statelessness in Canada was held, the Government announced that it was moving…
/ Jocelyn Kane Director of the Canadian Centre on Statelessness

Statelessness in Africa: the scale of the challenge and the opportunities for leadership

How do the contours of statelessness vary from continent to continent?  To what extent is the nature of statelessness directly tied to the nature of…
/ Bronwen Manby

States as a root cause of statelessness

What is the root cause of statelessness? There are many answers to this question – conflict of nationality laws, gender discrimination, persecution…
/ Katja Swider, University of Amsterdam
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Theresa May but the UK shall not

Theresa May recently announced that she would seek to change UK law so that British terror suspects can be deprived of their citizenship even if it…
/ Amal de Chickera

EU citizenship for stateless people?

Earlier this year I wrote a blog about the growing benefits of EU citizenship and the concerns that this raises, in my mind, for the position of…
/ Laura van Waas, Senior Researcher and Manager of the Statelessness Programme, Tilburg University

The Council of Europe tackles statelessness, but ends up mired in the politics of multiple nationalities

Recently, I had the privilege to be invited as a speaker to a hearing on the subject of Access to Nationality for the Parliamentary Assembly of the…
/ Ivanka Kostic, Executive Director, Praxis