Interview with Gerard-René de Groot - Profesor of Comparative Law and Private International Law at Maastricht University

ENS caught up with Professor Gerard-René de Groot on the eve of his farewell seminar and valedictory lecture upon his retirement from Maastricht…

Am I part of the problem?

/ Laura van Waas, Co-Director of the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion

The EU’s response to statelessness - Where next after Luxembourg?

I arrived in Luxembourg last week, curious to see further evidence of how policy-makers and other EU stakeholders intend to take forward the first…
/ Chris Nash, Director of the European Network on Statelessness

Is Latvia condemning older generations to non-citizenship?

“Grandmother, you have lived and worked your whole life in Latvia, and survived a war... How is it possible that you, such a remarkable person, are…
/ Liana Sukonova (LLM), Near East University, Faculty of Law

Roma in Serbia still denied birth certificates – ENS members take legal action to challenge register offices’ unlimited power

The purist in me imagines bureaucrats running around maternity wards, struggling to catch all the details (“Name? Mother’s name? Sorry, can you…
/ Adam Weiss – European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC)

The State of Statelessness in the Americas: Implementing the UNHCR Action Plan

In November 2014, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees launched its Global Campaign to End Statelessness in 10 Years. At the event in…
/ Alex McAnarney, America’s Network on Nationality and Statelessness (Red ANA) and the Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL)

Telling the stories of stateless persons through animation

For me as a visual artist it is important to collaborate with people who work in the field and have in depth knowledge of the issue I’m focusing on.…
/ Daniela Krajčová, Visual artist