Stateless Journey Illustration Editorial

What’s next for work to protect the rights of stateless refugees in Europe?

As we wrap up our #StatelessJourneys campaign and Comic Relief-funded Routes to Safety for Stateless Refugees project, we reflect on what we have…
/ Nina Murray, Head of Policy & Research, European Network on Statelessness
Stateless Journey Webinar 2024 Events

WEBINAR: #StatelessJourneys - What’s next for work to protect the rights of stateless refugees in Europe?

To mark the culmination of our #StatelessJourneys campaign, this webinar will reflect on our joint efforts over the last four years with ENS members…
29 May 2024 11:00 - 12:00 CEST
Temporary protection document - Ukraine Publications

BRIEFING #4: Update on access to protection in Europe for stateless people fleeing Ukraine

This fourth briefing provides an update on access to protection in Europe (both EU and non-EU countries) for stateless people fleeing the war in…
/ Briefing
Lok Maya Videos

Stateless Bhutanese Refugees in Denmark: Lok Maya's Story

This powerful film by Erasmus Talbot follows Lok Maya, a Bhutanese refugee who remains stateless more than 12 years after being permanently resettled…
/ Video
Webinar Events

WEBINAR: ‘Credibility Undermined’– Challenges Faced by Stateless Asylum Seekers in the UK

On Wednesday 11th October, we launched a new research report exploring the experiences of stateless Kurds from Syria in the UK asylum process.
11 October 2023 12:00 - 13:00 CEST
Sirazul News

Stateless changemaker Sirazul Islam shares his story of statelessness activism in the UK as part of Comic Relief REROOTED project

We are  really proud to share with you the RE-ROOTED exhibition featuring our member Sirazul Islam. Sirazul is a campaigner and a member of the ENS…
Aleksandra Interviews

Interview with Aleksandra Semeriak Gavrilenok, Individual member of ENS and formerly stateless person

Following our recent Annual General Conference (AGC) and pan-regional conference in Madrid, we spoke to Aleksandra Semeriak Gavrilenok about her…
/ Interview
denis Videos

Key moments and reactions from our Addressing Statelessness in Europe conference

On 8-9 June, our ‘Addressing Statelessness in Europe’ conference took place at the University Compultense de Madrid, co-organised with Fundación…
/ Video
Panel Editorial

Our statelessness conference in Madrid – what we learned, and what's next?

The team and I are still buzzing after being with such a diverse group of inspiring people at the ENS and Fundación Cepaim conference ‘Addressing…
/ Chris Nash, Director, European Network on Statelessness
panel Videos

WEBINAR: Detention and return: protecting the rights of stateless people

This webinar focussed on protecting stateless people from arbitrary detention in the context of returns procedures. Held on Tuesday 30 May, it was…
/ Video
panel Videos

WEBINAR: Children’s right to a nationality and birth registration

This webinar aims to build practical awareness of how to recognise risks of statelessness and ensure that refugee children are protected and have…
/ Video
panel Videos

WEBINAR: Protection: determining statelessness in the refugee context

On Thursday 27 April, we held the second event in our #StatelessJourneys webinar series on Identifying and Addressing Statelessness in the Refugee…
/ Video