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ENS Statement to Bulgaria’s Presidency of the European Union on Addressing Statelessness in Europe

The European Network on Statelessness (ENS), a civil society alliance with over 120 members in 40 countries, calls on the incoming Bulgarian…

'I feel that I belong too’ – stateless Roma in Europe

Thirteen-year-old Lirije is a stateless Roma girl who lives in Skopje, in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Like her, more than 75% of the…
/ Inge Sturkenboom, UNHCR
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EVENT: Stateless Roma in Europe, 29 Nov (1-2.30pm); European Parliament, Brussels

Room ASP A1E-1, European Parliament, BrusselsWednesday, 29 November (1-2.30pm) Organised by UNHCR and the European Network on Statelessness, this…

The Charter of Fundamental Rights and the protection of stateless people in the EU: a dormant giant?

The EU Charter: a robust normative layer Despite the re-emergence of the issue of statelessness on the international agenda and the intensifying…
/ Dr Tamas MOLNAR, legal research officer on asylum, migration and borders European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (Vienna)*

Not a level playing field - Statelessness Determination in the EU

All European Union States but four (Malta, Poland, Cyprus, and Estonia) have ratified the 1954 Convention relating to the status of stateless…
/ Katia Bianchini, Researcher at the Max Planck Institute

Landmark hearing of the European Parliament calls for bold action to address statelessness in the EU

For us and others who have been working to get statelessness higher up the EU’s agenda, last week’s landmark hearing in the European Parliament was…
/ Chris Nash, Director of the European Network on Statelessness and Laura van Waas, Co-Director of the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion
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Briefing Note to the LIBE/PETI Joint Hearing on Statelessness - 29 June 2017

ENS Briefing Note to the European Parliament's joint LIBE/PETI Committee Hearing on Statelessness on 29 June 2017.
/ Briefing

ENS Interview with Jean Lambert MEP

Jean Lambert is a British Member of the European Parliament and the Green Party. She has been a tireless supporter and advocate for the plight of…

Building impetus with the EMN Platform on Statelessness

Nationality, is an issue that affects us in many different aspects: it can serve as proof of a legal and political connection between an individual…
/ Magnus Ovilius, EMN Chair and Adolfo Sommarribas, Coordinator EMN Platform on Statelessness