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Mutual recognition of parenthood across the EU could prevent statelessness

In December 2022, the European Commission proposed a regulation to harmonise at EU level the rules of private international law relating to…
/ Belinda Dear, Senior Advocacy Officer, ILGA-Europe
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Inclusive Solutions Towards Ending Statelessness

ENS is co-organising this collaborative side event on statelessness with Nationality For All, and the UNHCR Statelessness Section, as a part of UNHCR…
12 June 2024 18:00 - 19:30 CEST
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The Finnish reform of the Nationality Act from a statelessness perspective: the good, the bad and the ugly

Following the election of a new Finnish government in 2023, the coalition in power has been pushing for reform of the current Nationality Act and…
/ Michel Rouleau-Dick, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Human Rights – School of Law – Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Law (FSEJ), Åbo Akademi University
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Birth Registration as Bordering Practice in Fortress Europe

European countries are reporting nearly universal birth registration coverage, with rates between 99 and 100%. These figures make it appear as if non…
/ By Allison J. Petrozziello, PhD Wilfrid Laurier University, International Migration Research Centre (Canada)
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Briefing on the right to a nationality of children born to Palestinian parents in Belgium

In response to recent reports that the Belgian Immigration Office has incentivised municipalities to withdraw the Belgian nationality of children…
/ Briefing

The Americas, lessons learned from two convergent processes

A decade after the launch of UNHCR’s #IBelong Campaign and Brazil’s 2014 Plan of Action, the Americas have undergone some transformative developments…
/ Francisco Quintana, Founder of the Americas Network on Nationality and Statelessness, Advocate, and Human Rights Expert on Latin America and the Caribbean
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Joint submission on Serbia to the Human Rights Committee

Praxis and the European Network on Statelessness made a joint submission to the Human Rights Committee for the 140th Session, focusing the right to a…
/ Submission
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Will Digital ID help Stateless People? The Threat of Digital Administrative Violence

The rise of digital ID systems presents opportunities and risks for stateless people. While developing nations adopt digital IDs, those without…
/ José María Arraiza, Independent Scholar
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GRF Linked Event: Multi-Stakeholder Approaches Towards Ending Statelessness

We are delighted to have co-sponsored this Global Refugee Forum Linked Event Multi-Stakeholder Approaches Towards Ending Statelessness.
12 December 2023 14:30 - 16:00 CET
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Legal briefing: Statelessness and the prohibition on discrimination against Romani communities

This legal briefing analyses the principle of non-discrimination and its impact on the prevention and reduction of statelessness among Romani…
/ Briefing
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Building a statelessness campaign in Spain: How we did it and why

From ancient proverbs to famous quotes from anthropologists, philosophers, politicians or entrepreneurs, people have long acknowledged the benefits…
/ Aleksandra Semeriak Gavrilenok, Individual ENS member and formerly stateless person
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Addressing Statelessness in Europe: Closing Protection Gaps and Realising Everyone’s Right to a Nationality

On 8-9 June 2023, we're hosting a pan-regional conference to raise awareness, build alliances and garner greater momentum towards Europe fully living…
08 - 09 June 2023