Photograph by Belal Alfadli: Road separating Al-Naim district, which is home to citizens (right), and the shantytowns of the stateless Bidoon in Kuwait city (left). Blog

Addressing statelessness in the MENA region: a new network for mobilisation

A new regional network on statelessness in the Middle East and North Africa region is raising awareness and providing a platform for mobilisation.
/ Zahra Albarazi and Thomas McGee, co-coordinators of the MENA Statelessness Network (Hawiati)
Stateless Rights Collecative Blog

Advocating for Change in the Netherlands: The Stateless Rights Collective (SRC)

The Stateless Rights Collective (SRC) is a group of stateless individuals in the Netherlands advocating for the rights of people without a…
/ Stateless Rights Collective, a collective standing up for the rights of stateless people in the Netherlands
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Advocating for Change: Bhutanese Refugee Community in Denmark urges action on Statelessness

This blog post presents the work of the Association of Bhutanese Communities in Denmark (ABC Danmark) as they advocate for change to address…
/ Thugten Dorjee Drukpa, President for the Association of Bhutanese Communities in Denmark
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Gaps and Opportunities in mainstreaming statelessness and nationality matters in Europe at the Human Rights Council

During the ENS Annual General Conference, which took place on 6 and 7 June, I had the pleasure to engage with ENS members on their experiences with…
/ Sangita Bajulaiye - Advocacy Lead at the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, ENS (Advisory Committee) Member
France Blog

French Administrative Supreme Court rejected a stateless status application from a Sahrawi applicant

France's highest administrative court has denied statelessness status to a Sahrawi-born individual residing in the country since 2013. The decision,…
/ Maëliss GUILLAUD, Esq. Immigration and Asylum Attorney, New York Bar and French (Lille) Bar
Brazil Blog

Breaking the Mold: Brazil's Progressive Approach to Granting Nationality and Reducing Statelessness

Did you know that Brazil is renowned for its effective legal practices in eliminating statelessness? It is a remarkable fact considering the country'…
/ Ana Raquel Menezes, Consultant and Lecturer in Statelessness and Migration
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New statelessness legislation in the Netherlands: worth the wait?

On the 6th of June 2023, Dutch Parliament finally passed a legislation package on statelessness that has been in the making since 2014. It introduces…
/ Caia Vlieks, Utrecht University and Katja Swider, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Human X Blog

Talking mental health among Kuwaiti Bidoon living in the UK

In a collaborative workshop in February, Kuwaiti Bidoon living in the UK, researchers and practitioners discussed mental health issues arising from…
/ Andreas Björklund, University of Oxford
Illustration by Mawa Rannahr Blog

The Transformative Power of Advocacy

The full impact of statelessness on my life didn't hit me until 2014, when I was trying to travel back to my country to be with my family after my…
/ Ekaterina E, Founding member of United Stateless
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On Statelessness: 6 Principles to Consider When Conducting Country of Origin Information Research

A research project on statelessness undertaken by Asylos revealed a significant need for improvement in the coverage and quality of Country of Origin…
/ Laurence Hamieh, Asylos
Desplazamientos Apátridas Blog

Building a statelessness campaign in Spain: How we did it and why

From ancient proverbs to famous quotes from anthropologists, philosophers, politicians or entrepreneurs, people have long acknowledged the benefits…
/ Aleksandra Semeriak Gavrilenok, Individual ENS member and formerly stateless person
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Shamima Begum: now stateless, but still deprived of her British citizenship

On 22 February 2023 the UK Special Immigration Appeals Commission upheld the UK Home Secretary’s decision to strip Shamima Begum of her citizenship.…
/ Alison Harvey, No5 Chambers and ENS Individual Member