Growing support for establishment of statelessness procedure in the Netherlands

At the end of 2011, UNHCR published the findings of a mapping project which looked at the situation of stateless people in the Netherlands. While the…
/ Laura van Waas, Statelessness Programme

The Council of Europe tackles statelessness, but ends up mired in the politics of multiple nationalities

Recently, I had the privilege to be invited as a speaker to a hearing on the subject of Access to Nationality for the Parliamentary Assembly of the…
/ Ivanka Kostic, Executive Director, Praxis
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European Pro Bono Award and its implications for statelessness

Last week the Peace Institute Slovenia (a member of the European Network on Statelessness) along with the Italian attorneys Andrea Saccucci and Anton…
/ Dr. Neža Kogovšek Šalamon, Peace Institute Director
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An instant best practice: Philippines’ new Stateless Status Determination Procedure

The Philippines made history this week by becoming the first state in Asia to put a statelessness determination procedure in place. This move follows…
/ Laura van Waas, Senior Researcher and Manager, Statelessness Programme
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Denationalisation and the politics of citizenship in Zimbabwe

Statelessness as a human rights issue has been neglected across the globe. I tried hard to avoid beginning this post restating something which has…
/ Marina Lourenço

Finally an Important Step towards the Solution for the Legally Invisible and Persons at Risk of Statelessness in Serbia

After years of advocacy efforts in drawing the attention of the state to the extremely difficult position of persons who failed to subsequently…
/ Ivanka Kostic, Executive Director, Praxis

Taking stock of State pledges to tackle statelessness?

It is now just three months short of a year since UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres, hailed a “quantum leap” in global efforts to…
/ Chris Nash, International Protection Policy Coordinator at Asylum Aid

Statelessness in Sweden - changes ahead?

Sweden was one out of only four countries that pledged during the 2011 UNHCR Ministerial Meeting to address statelessness through foreign policy (…
/ Sebastian Kohn

Refworld: A key resource on all things statelessness

Refworld, a leading online resource containing valuable legal, policy and academic information relating to asylum seekers, refugees and internally…
/ This explanatory text about Refworld is courtesy of UNHCR's Statelessness Unit, Geneva

Giving a Face to the Invisible

The true personal testimonies of the Roma unregistered at birth translated into the documentary Here I Am found their way this summer to the hearts…
/ Jelena Petrovic, Programme Assistant, Praxis

Access to protection: promising newcomers?

“We might give you protection, but you might not be allowed to stay here until we decide”. Sounds absurd, right? Yet the right to remain on the…
/ Gabor Gyulai
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A Global Campaign to End Statelessness - The Time Has Come

For too long statelessness has remained a sleeper issue. This is surprising considering that UNHCR's latest statistics confirm 3.5 million stateless…
/ Mark Manly (Head UNHCR Statelessness Unit) and Radha Govil (UNHCR)