Season’s greetings from all of us at the European Network on Statelessness

ENS sends its warmest wishes to everyone supporting the cause. We have a number of planned initiatives on the horizon, and we are hopeful that…
/ European Network on Statelessness

Council conclusions demonstrate the EU’s commitment to address statelessness

The year 2015 is coming to an end and yet, every 10 minutes a child is born without a nationality. The problem is considerable and the numbers speak…
/ Pascal Schumacher, JHA Counsellor responsible for migratory issues during the Luxembourgish Presidency

The emerging role of the EU in eradicating childhood statelessness

As the year draws to a close we can confidently say that the issue of statelessness and what can be done to tackle it at the EU level, is higher up…
/ Jean Lambert, Member of the European Parliament

It’s time to take action to protect stateless persons from arbitrary detention

The immigration detention of stateless persons is one of the silent tragedies of our globalised world that plays out behind closed doors, away from…
/ François Crépeau, UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants

Taking Inspiration from Europe's youth committed to ending Statelessness

Last week the European Youth Parliament (EYP), an educational parliamentary simulation programme for young people, celebrated its 80th International…
/ Aleksandra Semeriak, #StatelessKids campaign steering group member

“What do you mean by stateless?” – Arbitrary detention of stateless persons in Poland

In Poland statelessness doesn’t exist. Or so it would seem, for there are almost no official records of stateless persons. Those who are stateless…
/ Katarzyna Przybysławska, Legal Aid Centre The Haliny Nieć

New report confirms the urgency for Malta to revise its detention regime

New report “Protecting Stateless Persons from Arbitrary Detention in Malta” published today by ENS and aditus foundation warns that widespread use…
/ Neil Falzon, aditus foundation

"I am here, I belong."

Usually, when we meet new people, especially in an unknown environment for us, we often feel shy and uncomfortable, be it a work-related or a…
/ Valeriia Cherednichenko, UNHCR Bureau for Europe

Protecting stateless persons from arbitrary detention in the Netherlands

Evidence shows that detention of stateless people is a worrying trend across Europe. Against this backdrop, the European Network on Statelessness…
/ Karel Hendriks, ASKV

Statelessness in Africa: the scale of the challenge and the opportunities for leadership

How do the contours of statelessness vary from continent to continent?  To what extent is the nature of statelessness directly tied to the nature of…
/ Bronwen Manby

Raising statelessness higher up the EU’s agenda – Greg Constantine’s award-winning exhibition “Nowhere people” opens in Luxembourg

“There are no words to describe what it feels like to leave behind my years of non-existence, be allowed to come alive again, have an identity and…
/ Carine Rustom, UNHCR Liaison Officer for Luxembourg

No nationality, no rights – Statelessness affecting Dominicans of Haitian descent

Two years ago the Dominican Constitutional Court judgement 168/13 deprived hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent of their…
/ Laura Quintana Soms, Minority Rights Group