Speaker stage at UNHCR Global NGO Consultations Editorial

Five key takeaways on statelessness from UNHCR’s Global NGO Consultations

Just back from a typically intensive week in Geneva for UNHCR’s Global NGO Consultations, it seems a good time to take stock of the state of play on…
/ Chris Nash, Director of the European Network on Statelessness
Stateless Journey Illustration Editorial

What’s next for work to protect the rights of stateless refugees in Europe?

As we wrap up our #StatelessJourneys campaign and Comic Relief-funded Routes to Safety for Stateless Refugees project, we reflect on what we have…
/ Nina Murray, Head of Policy & Research, European Network on Statelessness
Country flags for all StatelessnessINDEX countries Editorial

Are we on the right track to address statelessness in Europe?

This time last year, I was reflecting on how governments across Europe are failing to take sufficient action to break the cycle of statelessness in…
Closing Ceremony of the 2023 Global Refugee Forum Editorial

New Year’s resolutions – five ways the international community can and must do more to address statelessness

In December, UNHCR organised the second ever Global Refugee Forum. ENS was among the civil society representatives invited to participate. Here are…
/ Chris Nash, Director, European Network on Statelessness
chatGPT Editorial

How can AI contribute to the fight to end statelessness?

AI assistants like ChatGPT have an emerging role in human rights advocacy: these tools have the potential to bridge knowledge gaps, empower…
/ Charlotte Armstrong - Communications Coordinator, ENS
Panel Editorial

Our statelessness conference in Madrid – what we learned, and what's next?

The team and I are still buzzing after being with such a diverse group of inspiring people at the ENS and Fundación Cepaim conference ‘Addressing…
/ Chris Nash, Director, European Network on Statelessness
Roma flag Editorial

Breaking the cycle of anti-gypsyism and statelessness in Roma communities: Recent progress and the road ahead

ENS and our partners in the Western Balkans have been working together on our #RomaBelong project, funded by the Open Society Foundations, to…
/ Zoe Gardner, Policy & Research Manager, ENS
European flags Editorial

#StatelessnessINDEX shows opportunities to protect stateless people in Europe, but we must act now

This week we launched an update of our Statelessness Index, a comparative tool to assess how 30 European countries protect stateless people and the…
/ Patrícia Cabral, Legal Policy Coordinator, ENS
Chris Nash Editorial

Recognising recent progress in global efforts to address statelessness but also the need for greater engagement and resourcing

Collective and collaborative action to end statelessness has always been at the heart of ENS’s mission. In this editorial, ENS Director Chris Nash…
/ Chris Nash, Director and co-founder of the European Network on Statelessness
Panel Editorial

Our first 10 years as a Network and why you should join us in our fight to end statelessness

Last week ENS members, including stateless changemakers and people with lived experience of statelessness convened in Brussels to launch the…
/ Chris Nash, Director and co-founder of the European Network on Statelessness
Illustration of gavel, papers and magnifying glass Editorial

Addressing statelessness through the courts

Today ENS is launching a Litigation Toolkit on Statelessness, a guide for legal practitioners to conduct strategic litigation on statelessness.  
/ Alexia Tizzano and Patricia Cabral, European Network on Statelessness
Pavel Editorial

Seeking a place to belong: addressing statelessness among refugee children in Europe

As part of our Stateless Journeys project, ENS has been working with our members in five European countries to address cases of statelessness among…
/ Patrícia Cabral, Legal Policy Coordinator, ENS and Nina Murray, Head of Policy & Research, ENS